Complaint and Internal Affairs Statistics

Complaints and Internal Affairs Summary 2018

The following data reflects complaint and internal affairs investigations statistics for 2018.  In accordance with CALEA Accreditation standards, we intend to update and publish these statistics annually along with historical data.

The Goldsboro Police Department defines a complaint as an expression of displeasure with the actions or services of the Department and/or employee, or an allegation by any individual that an employee of the Goldsboro Police Department has misused authority, acted illegally or unethically, or violated City or Department policy.  A complaint may be filed externally (i.e. citizen) or internally (i.e. Department employee), even if the complainant wishes to remain anonymous.

Depending on the severity of the allegation, a complaint may be investigated at the supervisor level as a Supervisory Investigation or by the Professional Standards Division as an Internal Affairs Investigation.  All complaints are subject to the same categories of investigative finding:

  1. Exonerated – The alleged incident did occur, but the actions of the officer(s) were justified, legal and proper.
  2. Sustained – The investigation disclosed sufficient evidence to prove the allegation, and the actions of the officer violated provisions of rule(s) and regulations(s) or agency procedures.
  3. Not Sustained/Inconclusive – The investigation failed to prove or disprove the alleged conduct.
  4. Unfounded – The investigation supported the conclusion that the officer did not engage in the alleged conduct and/or the allegation is false. This may be used in case where the complaint is withdrawn and will be so indicated.
  5. Policy Failure – The employee acted in accordance with existing Department directives; however, there is a flaw and current Department directive(s) do not cover the circumstances.

In 2018, the Goldsboro Police Department received twenty-nine (29) complaints.  All complaints were thoroughly investigated as outlined in the tables below:

2018 Complaints Supervisory Investigation Internal Affairs Investigation Total
External 19 7 26
Internal 2 1 3
Total 21 8 29
2018 Complaint Dispositions Supervisory Investigation Internal Affairs Investigation Total
Exonerated 3 3 6
Sustained 4 2 6
Not Sustained/Inconclusive 3 2 5
Unfounded 11 1 12
Policy Failure 0 0 0
Total 21 8 29