Community Programs

Victim Assistance Brochure

Bicycle Registration
Allows citizens to register and engrave bicycles so that a permanent record is available.

Bicycle Safety
Teaches children about safety when riding their bicycles, while making them aware of the rules and regulations regarding the North Carolina General Statutes.

Business Surveys
Makes business owners aware of ways to secure their businesses properly to help remove or reduce crime risks.
Child Fingerprinting
Fingerprints children by request of parents to provide them with a permanent identification record of their children.

Crimes Against the Elderly
Establishes a rapport with Senior Citizens by making them aware of crimes that they are most likely to be victims of, according to crime reports.

Drug Prevention Program
Makes the public aware of the dangers of drugs while attempting to reduce the problem of drug abuse.

Fraud and Con Game Prevention
Alerts the public how to avoid losing money and other assets to con-artists and swindlers.

Keep Watch Program
Provides special attention to those citizens in the community who plan to be away from their residence or business. Contacting the police department prior to departing and giving dates and times of planned absence can alert the police to special patrol needs. Also, provides special patrol needs in unique circumstances.

Neighborhood Crime Watch
Enlists the active participation of citizens in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime in their communities. It involves neighbors getting to know each other and working together in programs of mutual assistance to prevent crime. Citizens are trained to recognize and report suspicious activities in their neighborhoods.

Officer Friendly Program
Establishes rapport among students, teachers, parents, and uniformed police officers by providing students with opportunities to learn about law enforcement through visits by Officer Friendly.

Operation Identification
Discourages burglary and theft of personal items from the home and other location, and identifies property, if stolen. Engravers may be checked out from the Goldsboro Police Department.

Police Department Tour
Gives the public a working knowledge of the police department’s functions by allowing them to view the entire police department.