Community Police Services Division

Fingerprints for Employment, Precious Metal Permits, Adoption, etc.
*By Appointment ONLY*
Call 919-580-4244 or 919-580-4238
to make an appointment.
Wednesdays from 8am – 10am, 1pm – 3pm
The cost is $10, cash only.
Picture ID is required.
We do not offer Live Scan fingerprinting.

Bicycle Helmet Information:

FREE Bike Registration

Bike Registration Process

The Goldsboro Police Department provides the opportunity for the public to register their bikes free of charge. Crime Prevention will complete this form with the citizen and provide them a copy of this form.


We will then engrave a set of additional numbers into the bike with the tools shown below.


Crime Prevention Programs

Have Questions?

Get a detailed description of the subject and report what you saw to the police.
Motion lighting is better for the outside of the home. It will alert you if someone is on your property.
A gun may be carried inside your vehicle as long as it is IN PLAIN VIEW so that if you are stopped, the police officer will see it.
The Police Department requires that the residence be vacant and that the home owner signs a notarized copy of the Trespass Agreement . This allows us to remove anyone from the property that doesn’t belong there.
Don’t stop, however you do need to turn on your hazard lights and reduce your speed until you get to a well-lit area.