Policies & Programs

False Burglar Alarm Policy
False burglar alarms account for a significant amount of the police department’s total calls for service. False burglar alarm activations account for 97-99% of the total alarm responses. Officers and citizens are unnecessarily endangered with the threat of traffic crashes during responses to alarm activations.

Hours devoted to answering false burglar alarm result in substantial costs to taxpayers of the City of Goldsboro, and distract from productive police patrols.

In an attempt to curtail false alarm responses, the City of Goldsboro’s Ordinance 99.01 states that the following fee schedule shall be imposed by the city when the Police Department responds to false alarms:
a. 0-3 false alarms per year-no charge.
b. 4-6 false alarms per year-$50.00 charge per call.
c. 7 or more false alarms per year-$100.00 charge per call.

For the purpose of this Ordinance, “Year” is defined as the fiscal period from July1- June 30.


Ride-Along Program
The Goldsboro Police Department has established a Ride-Along Program to allow non- law enforcement members of the communities in and around the City of Goldsboro the opportunity to observe sworn officers in the performance of their duties.

Applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Any member of our surrounding communities who wishes to participate shall obtain an application form, which includes a list of regulations from the department.
  • This application must be received 24 hours prior to the applicant actually riding with an officer.

Trespass Agreements
The Goldsboro Police Department has implemented a Trespass Agreement program. This program authorizes Goldsboro Police Department Officers the right to access private properties to ensure unauthorized persons are not on the property.

To obtain a Trespass Agreement, a business or homeowner should contact the Operations Division at 919-580-4253.

To qualify for this program:

  • You must be the property owner, co-owner, manager of the property or have power of attorney for the property owner.
  • The property must be a vacant dwelling or lot, or in the case of an occupied business, our officers will be authorized to have access to the property after non-business hours.

Off-Duty Employment
A police officer may be hired to perform similar jobs that an officer does while employed for the City of Goldsboro. Officers are frequently hired for general security, traffic direction, crowd control, weddings, concerts, etc.

There is a pre-determined rate of pay for the officer, which includes a minimum of three hours per event worked. A Captain assigned to the Operations Patrol Division has the responsibility of coordinating special events utilizing police services.

To hire an Officer for off-duty employment, contact:
Capt. John Biggins
(919) 580-4275
E-mail Capt. Biggins


Intern Program
The intern program is available to persons currently enrolled in College, studying areas involving Criminal Justice. For further information, contact Maj. Jay Memmelaar at jmemmelaar@ci.goldsboro.nc.us.